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How To Build A Car From The Ground Up

Building a car from the ground up is very difficult, and requires many people with many types of skills. Additionally, engines are almost prohibitively expensive to design, so you may want to use a crate engine to power your custom vehicle.

Constructing the Body

The body is the easiest part of the vehicle to build. It can be done as an entire body shell like the Wikispeed C3, or in many sections, so if one of the sections is damaged, you don't have to replace the entire body or remove the entire body to repair it.

Building the Chassis

If you intend to sell a car like this, it is best to start with a chassis from another car, because most countries have laws which would require testing, which would mean you would have to build multiple copies of the car you wish to sell. Using a chassis from an old sporty car is popular because they are lightweight, somewhat bare, and usually have room to make unusual body shapes or additional chassis components.

If you aren't in a situation that would require that limitation, most from-scratch cars (especially top-tier racing vehicles) are constructed with metal tube frames. Metal tubes are relatively easy to work with and often produce better results than mass-produced cars.

When designing the chassis, many factors must be considered, including your specific needs, but almost every attempt with have to consider the following:

Making the Engine

Building an engine is possible, but very difficult without the proper machinery, engineering, and metal.